Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 85: Excuses, excuses...

Oops! I’m awfully sorry for not being able to post till today, and worse, not being able to post on your corresponding blogs the thing I intend to be the prize for the trivia, but I have a very good reason.


I’m getting married.

Ok, now that you’ve caught your breath after gasping, let me explain, if you missed the first posts, that I’ve been living in partnership with my future husband, so we’re just “officializing” our society.

What’s driving me crazy is that we the bride and groom are certainly not enjoying having to set everything for the “reception” after the Civil Ceremony. Bah! I hate those social conventions SO much, while my mom is becoming a real annoyance and making such a fuzz about it. But I guess, as she said that your only daughter doesn't get married every day.

In case you may be wondering why we’re getting into so much trouble after living together for two years, I must say that yep, this is only the legal requirement, nope, we’re not doing anything religious. And in case you may be thinking bad gossipy thoughts, I’m not pregnant either. But if you thought we’re doing this as a legal trick for the insurance benefits, you thought right. Ja!

So, I’ll do my best to catch up before October 11th.

P.S.: Ain’t you gonna congratulate me?


YosoyineS said...



Miao said...


I'm so happy for you! All this while I've been thinking that you already are married. :) Congratulations for finding someone you're willing to spend the rest of your life with. May your marriage be blissful and lasting!

The Usual Stuff said...

ines: THANK YOU!!

miao: in fact, my guy and I really assumed ourselves as marriend when we set our household toghether. Funny thing is, the rest of the world seems to be having trouble with that.
Thank you very, very much for your good wishes.

Miao said...

Hey, why do the people around you have trouble with the fact that you've been living with your husband-to-be for eight years? You're just living your life with someone you love!