Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 83: And finally, ANSWERS TO TRIVIA!

O.K., Bloggers, you've had the whole weekend to check the answers for the "Stop Cathegory 5". Obviously, as miao wisely pointed out, all the answers could be googled, but we appreciate the effort made in using your own memories. Personally, I had to research some of them, and I hope you forgive this old lady, since my memory is not what it used to be (ja, ja)

If you may find any inaccuracies in the answers, please let me know so we can check them again and contribute to increase our knowledge.

And the answers are:

1. The five most expensive movies of all time:
Here we went crazy, because according to, the most expensive films ever made are: Cleopatra, Superman Returns, Titanic, Waterworld and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. However, according to Wikipedia, they should be: Cleopatra, Spider-Man 3, Titanic, Waterworld and Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.
I believe the Russian Alexander Nevski and other non-american productions were blatantly overlooked.

2. Five of Shakespeare most famous villains:
According to
Iago, Richard III, Cornwall, Aaron the Moor, Edmund.
In my own personal opinion, Lady MacBeth counts as well, and should’ve been ranked first.

3. The five richest men on Earth.
According to, in 2006:
William Gates III, United States; Warren Buffett, United States; Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico; Ingvar Kamprad, Sweden and Lakshmi Mittal, India.

As far as I know, in 2007 Carlos Slim surpassed Bill Gates, but I would hate to admit it, whether it is true or not.

4. The five most famous stories of Sherlock Holmes.
According to a 1999 poll by Baker Street Journal, the most popular are:
The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Sign of the Four, A Study in Scarlet, The Valley of Fear and The Speckled Band.
We made no distinctions between long or short stories; just popularity. Personally, my best is A Study in Scarlet.

5. Five enemies of Wonder Woman.
And here the list goes on an on. According to Wikipedia, WW's villains are:
Doctor Poison, Baroness Paula Von Gunther, Ares, Duke of Deception, Mavis, Doctor Psycho, American Adolph, Cheetah, Zara, Queen Clea, Giganta, Anton Unreal, Eviless, Hypnota, Draska Nishki, Third World War Promoters, Gentleman Killer, Minister Blizzard, Blue Snowman, The Mask, The Purple Priestess, Ironsides, Tigra Tropica, Badra, Lya, Anti-Electric, Mona Menise, Circe, Nuclear the Magnetic Marauder, Termite Queen, Duke Dazam, Angle Man, Human Tank, Thought Master, Volcano Prophet, Mirage-Maker, Machino, Time Master, Professor Menace, Professor Andro, Image-Maker, Mouse Man, Egg Fu (sic), Paper Man (idem), Crimson Centipede, Doctor Cyber, THEM!, Morgana, Wade Dazzle, Red Panzer, Osira, Armageddon, Barno Blitzkrieg, Kung, S.C.Y.T.H.E., Martin Markham, Prime Planner and the Cartel, Perfection, Red Dragon, Silver Swan, Captain Wonder, The Adjudicator, Aegeus, Tezcatlipoca (is this a joke!?), Decay, Shim’Tar, White Magician, Dark Angel, Devastation, Cyborgirl and Veronica Cale (pfeuff!).

Any five of these would have done.

Geek of the week will be announced tomorrow.

Thank you all for participating!!


YosoyineS said...

Well, that was close to my answers, but i think everybody thought bill gates still stood up on the Forbes chart.

I'm expecting your next post!! See ya girl!! XoXo

The Usual Stuff said...

Thanks a lot inés. Isn't it a shame that we Mexicans now have the richest man on Earth while the country is going to the dogs? Or maybe there is a relation?