Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day 76: Where is everybody?

I can't help but wonder: is this blog not interesting anymore, or is everybody still on vacation?

Where are you, people?


Miao said...

Don't worry, I still visit your blog! Just because I don't comment doesn't mean that I don't drop by anymore. :) Sometimes I don't leave comments because I don't have anything remotely insightful or interesting to say, e.g., I really think your previous post is very meaningful, but I can't find anything to say because I'm still young and I don't think I can fully understand the meaning of loss yet, and thus I cannot truly relate to your attachment to summer berries. And perhaps the different paces of life should be taken into consideration too. I live in an environment where everything changes so quickly that I no longer know how beautiful it feels to hold on a little longer to what's past and gone. Most of the time it can get very stifling. Perhaps your pace of life is more relaxed, allowing you to take in wonderful sights along the scenic journey. So, no, I don't think it is silly that you miss summer berries so much that their absence makes you cry. In fact I am envious of you. I wish there can be something that makes me reminisce so fondly.

Don't worry about not getting comments. Perhaps your other readers are just like me, who can't immediately find anything to say in relation to your posts. Not that your posts are boring (they are certainly not!), but it's just that sometimes we can't relate our real life experiences to what you're observing and going through. Or maybe you're right - they're still on vacation. ;)

YosoyineS said...

Same here too!! I read this blog via feed, so if i find anything that i could comment on, i do it. But some days i can't think in english, or i can't think words to comment.

Perhaps there are other readers like me, did you tried Google Analytics?

Lots of XXxxxXXXxx

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: well, thanks a lot for your post. It's really reassuring to know that young people is still interested in what an "old" woman has to say, but I am concerned about the fact I can't relate to youngsters real life experience. I used to be really good with teenagers (oh, my God, I'm already talking in Past tense!). On the other hand, I do understand about sudden changes, but things chang so fast that I don't know WHAT is changing!! You should let me know about it, so I can solidarize with you.

Inés: Yeah, I do understand what you mean. Sometimes it is difficult to think in English.
I'm trying Google Analytics today, I promise.

Adicto a lo imposible...en rehabilitación. said...

I'm on my way to Rocky Mountain National Park, but I wanted to say: I'm still here! KEEP BLOGGING!