Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My first bimester is over, and I'm facing a very long night ahead of me, since I miscalculated the amount of time required to average 75 teenagers.

On the other hand, I have finally been able to drive my car to my work place, after three months of Saturday driving lessons; but taking into the account the current situation, I think I'll have to take the school bus one last time tomorrow, to be able to take a nap on the way. jaja.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


OH, MY GOD!! It's been more than a month, and I've found myself lacking the ability to find spare time to devote to my poor little blog. Therefore, I won't bore you to death with anything trivial, except for this pictures I was able to take for the first time with my digital camera during the Mexican Independence Celebrations, which just took place last September 15th and 16th. As you will be able to detect, I took my time to find the purpose of the "landscape" function.