Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 82: One thing to get cheered up

I guess almost everybody has heard about the vocabulary game "Stop", in which you look for words that begin with a certain letter to match several cathegories.

Well, my brother-in-law has taken things a little beyond and last Sunday proposed a game of "Stop, Cathegory 5". This is, you have to mention 5 correct items under a specific cathegory (Oh my gosh!).

Put your memories to the test with this game. The correct answers will be posted soon.

1. The five most expensive movies of all time.
2. Five of Shakespeare most famous villains.
3. The five richest men on Earth.
4. The five most famous stories of Sherlock Holmes.
5. Five enemies of Wonder Woman.

Whoever gets the 25 correct answers will be awarded the "Geek of the Week Award".

Let's play!


Torquer said...

1. No idea. Die hard? Face Off? Titanic?

2. Romeo, Julliet... Seriously, I think it was Lord Capulet or something.

3. Bill Gates, plenty of Arab oil giants, George W Bush (power rich).

4. The spotted handkerchief is the only one I've ever read. Bloody English Literature GCSE.

5. Cat Woman, Batman, Spiderman, Dr Evil.

There you are, 25 perfectly correct answers. What's my prize?

YosoyineS said...

1. I think Titanic, plus all the old movies when digital cinematics didn't exist, and they had to pay off all of the extra guys!

2. (Ufff...I've only read Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet)

3. Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, Warren Buffett, Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud (i've got a e-mail showing his little house, son of a bi***, hehehe), and don't know anyone else

4. The one of the Baskerville mansion, and....and....uffff

5. This I know: Ares, Circe, Bizarro World, Cheetah, and...and......Dark Angel!!!! (YEEAAHHH FIVE POINTS TO ME!!!!)

The Usual Stuff said...

torquer: you thought I was going to swallow that one? far-fetched assumpion, my dear fellow!

ines: close, but not enough.

Keep playing!

Miao said...

Actually we can get all the answers from Google search engine! ><

Jingo said...

sorry to hear you're life isn't as smooth as it could be. Hope it picks up!

but anyway, to the questions:

1. War of the Worlds is definitely one, and Evan Almighty was the most expensive comedy. Are we taking into account inflation? Titanic, Spider-man 3 and King Kong were all in the news for big budgets, if i remember correctly.

2. Surely Shakespeares characters are too complex to simply class as heroes/villains?

3. Gates obviously. Stelios and Branson also pop into mind, although they might be small fry compared to their American counterparts... Oh wait, that king of Saudi Arabia must be in that list as well.

4. Baskervilles and a Study in Scarlet are the only two that pop into my mind.

5. It's a shame I never read Wonder Women. I was big into the Avengers though... was it any of them?

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: well, yes, indeed all the answers can be obtained through google, but trying to use our memories is fun. On the other hand, I hope this is just the beginning of increasingly more difficult options. And the idea was to have some challenge...

jingo: thanks a lot for your best wishes. Some of your answers were right, although the idea was to be a little bit more precise. Thanks for using your memory. That was the idea as well.