Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 84: And the winner is...

Okey, I have to admit it. It was very difficult to finally determine a winner for the "Geek of the Week" Award, since all our enthusiast contestants gave their best and got some of the answers right, but no one got all the 25 correct, although torquer might think otherwise. Personally, I have no favorites.

And even if most people may think it unfair, I do believe the prize should be awarded to...


Keep checking your blogs to see what you got!

And again, thank you for participating, despite the boos and the awwws this result may obtain.

Stay tunned for more exciting (sure, let me dream) quizzes!


YosoyineS said...

Hey!! That's cheating!! (Awww, it's like a consolation prize!!) Hehehehe. XoXoXoXo.

Torquer said...

"All and everyone who particpated"?

That sounds like something you get told at Primary School after a competition when there is "everyone's a winner".

I'm just annoyed I only came joint first.