Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Laptop

O.k., I know that for most of you this has been part of your daily life for long, but for me it is pure novelty. I'm writing this from my just recently purchased new laptop!

As obvious as it may seem for younger readers, I'm just thrilled with the discovery of the comfort it represents sitting in the living room, taking even more advantage of my wireless conection, watching the Oscars ceremony enjoying the company of my husband while I work on my student-aimed webpage and avoiding shooing the cat's butt from the keyboard.

Laptops rock!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Next week, my 8th grade students are going on a camping trip organized by the school. One would assume teachers would be happy to have some time to devote to their catching up. Not me. 8 students are staying due to disciplinary sanctions, and most of us teachers will have to devote time to keep an eye on them and assign enough work to prevent them from killing each other (metaphorically, of course). To cap it all, that's the week I'm not assigned guard duty (basically, keeping an eye on all the students) at the end of the day. Isn't it deliciously ironic?

Thank God, I'm ready with at least one class, from the two I was assigned. My dear boss was so kind in that regard. I'll have to take some time during the week to prepare a second one, but I'll make sure these guys won't have a minute to breath.

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Not my cup of tea.

Grades have to be delivered Friday 15th the latest and I'm not even halfway through them.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Now I know what it feels like...

Man, I did feel like crap doing this, but after counting the months some bloggers posted for the last time, I had to take the hard decision to erase them from my public list. Now only 3 remain. I do hope these guys come back soon, since I really appreciated their style and vision, but I guess it's time to move forward.

I'm also seriously considering to integrate my Spanish marks here, since "Planeta Quejas" doesn't seem to be working. I'll give it another try but, if necessary, it will have to be executed, for the benefit of "The Usual Stuff".

It does hurt, tough.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back from the black hole

Again, I must thank miao, for being so kind as to cry for me. THANK YOU, MY DEAR; ALL THE BEST WISHES FROM MY HEART TO YOU!!

And finally I found a good reason to be back, since my life has taken a complete turn. I have finally been able to quit my awful, passive, future-denied job and get back into what I'm really cut out to do, which happens to be teaching.

I'm currently working at a Middle school, trying to transmit some of my little literary knowledge into hard-headed, selfish, spoiled, irresponsible and rude 8th graders. (I know what you're gonna say: new job and she's already complaining!? What's the matter with this girl!) The fact is that, despite how exhausting it is, I must say I do love it. Even tough I got here in the middle of the school year, which is the toughest moment for a newcomer to take over, finally my skills and energy are at full use. My time is at last used to the last minute and my brain is aching to keep up with all the research and lesson preparation, which is the absolute opposite to the dullest year of my life. On the other hand, the wage is definitely better and now there are fringe benefits, which were non-existent at my previous job.

So, I took the leap, and decided that, if I'm gonna be stuck somewhere for the rest of my life (since I'm about to turn 35 the Mexican labor market is eager to mark me as "disposable"), I'd rather be stuck doing something I really love, and God granted me this blessing, and I am oh so grateful for it.

Greetings to everyone!!