Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 79: Comments on Differences

I'm starting to believe that the first and obvious sign of "generational breach" is music. As mentioned on the previous post, most of my young blogger-peers refer to bands that I've never heard of before.
Just to show you that I am still willing to learn, here's what I found on a quick google search about bands you guys listen to:

- Martín Buscalgia:
if I'm not mistaken, the last name should be Buscaglia. If that is right, his website is pretty funny and complicated. I'll keep looking for some biographical info.

Sankuokai: according to google, this is not a band, but an anime series. I would really appreciate if ines could clarify this point.

- Jazz and Blues:
I do believe this is an acquired taste. Altough I bought the "Chicago" DVD, I find modern jazz trully unnerving. The lack of patterns and the chaotic mixture of instruments really gets on my nerves. Which is a pitty, since my husband is such a great fan, but I cannot find the intelectual strength to deal with this; sorry.

now that's one that at least I've heard about, given the fact they formed in 1998 (still my days, eh?), although I can't remember a single song from them.

The second generational chasm would be, of course, technology. I bet that none of you young technogeeks (no offense meant, just a joke, ok?) would remember what a walkman is, right? Or what life used to be like without cellphones. But please don't get to believe that yours truly is a muggle (defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person having trouble understanding modern technology, or something like that). I am perfectly aware of, although not perfectly familiar, with MP3s, iPods, PSPs (thats the name, right?), Wiis, XBox 360s and the likes. It's just that I'm too lazy to invest my precious time downloading all that music you store by the megas, when I can buy it and save the pain. Please take also into account that my home connection is too slow for that. However, I must admit that Jingo has a point, though. Downloading is cheaper and I am a collector too.

Then I get to remember what my brother in law says: that you've fallen into the generational abyss when you mention "Mazzinger Z" and no one knows what the heck you're talking about.

I'll comment on the similarities on a next post.


YosoyineS said...

Hahaha, yes indeed, Martín Buscaglia's website has lots of little pictures, when some of them are links.

If you click on the toaster, you'll see his blog ;)

About Sankuokai, the band is named because of that TV show. It is written Sankuokaï, they don't have an official website, but you can listen some of their music on the violet mp3 player placed on the Pires Clásicos right sidebar.

I also don't tollerate modern jazz, i rather prefer Charlie Parker, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, than modern jazz players.

I still have a walkman!!! But it was kindly replace with my cellphone, that has a MP3 player, and having all integrated in one single piece of plastic is priceless.

PS: I know who Mazzinger Z is....hehehehe.

The Usual Stuff said...

Well, thanks a lot, ines, for the information, which I'll be checking in the following days.
I agree with you: modern jazz sucks!
Interesting you may mention that everything is contained on a single plastic item. I just remembered how I have to fumble with my backpack to get the CD box and the CD player itself! Hadn't seen it that way, really.
And good to know someone still knows who good old mazzinger was. At least I'm not that old yet!!