Monday, September 10, 2007

Day 78: The answers I got

I hope my young friends don't mind my publishing the results I got, since I was sincerely surprised by the variety of good things I'm missing, especially regarding music. To be absolutely honest, I found myself lost with the names of some bands, but I've set myself on the path of enlightment and I'm currently looking for some info about them on the web. Other differences found will be the topic for subsequent posts. On the other hand, I am truly amazed to discover the large amount of stuff we do have in common, making it true that we have no nationalities, but we are citizens of the same universe. This topic will also be discussed later.

yosoyines said:
1. Martín Buscalgia or Sankuokai, both on Indie style.
2. My cellphone, definitely
3. Because in a iPod your percentage of storage increases a lot.
4. Discussions and debates without a practical solution.
5. It has a future, but not a very happy one. More polluted, more violent, and so. But livable.
6. I hope so, if not, i'll be living under a bridge.
7. Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tlokien
8. Mostly personal weblogs, and technological stuff (yes, I'm a geek, hahaha).

jingo said:
1. Anything apart from R'n'B and rap, although there are exceptions. I mostly listen to indie bands and jazz/blues/classical when I'm studying.
2. My digital radio. It records, rewinds, pauses live radio and everything! My 80GB ipod comes a close second though.
3. Because I don't do CDs. If I had bought all my music I'd be a very poor man indeed. People only buy CDs to collect and to be cool - everyone else just downloads.
4. Exams.
5. Yes it is. And I blame America.
6. Of course! If I didn't I wouldn't be working as hard as I do!
7. Don't really read comics, although I did go through a phase... I read a variety of books, but I do follow Discworld, Bryson and Gaiman books quite closely.
8. News. Keep up to date with the world. Research for work occasionally.

and last, but not least, miao said:
1) If I really have to choose, I'd choose Coldplay. Basically I like all kinds of music except hard rock, rap and hip hop.
2) Tough choice, but I'd pick my computer.
3) I don't have an iPod. I buy CDs.
4) Currently, my main concerns are my studies, my family and my friends. And it disturbs me how human beings are doing colossal damage to the environment and the other living things on Earth. I'm all for the voluntary human extinction programme - that is, every couple should take the initiative to not have any offspring (or each couple should have at most only one child, since the annihilation of mankind would also potentially become a very tragic affair, considering all the other beautiful things mankind has accomplished as well, e.g., poetry, architecture, science, etc.), so that mankind will one day naturally become extinct, or at least our population will be reduced so greatly that no significant harm can be done to our planet anymore.
5) Let nature takes its course.
6) Of course! My definition of 'a good career': A job I really enjoy very much, and which allows me to earn enough to get by comfortably and possibly retire early.
7) I like reading Discover, a scientific magazine. Basically I read anything that interests me, and I have interest in many areas.
8) Mainly blogs and academic research. And news too.

And finally, thanks to all the people who have participated in this exercise, giving me an insight of your own personal stuff, and material for several posts.

Thank you all !!


YosoyineS said...

Sure thing girl!!

Actually surprised me the fact of seeing the answers comared each one to the other.

Hahaha, you're right, we're all citizens of the same universe!

Now I have expectations on what you're going to post next :D

Lots of kisses!!

The Usual Stuff said...

that was the purpose, my dear ines, to get my self familiar with what you guys out there think. Thanks a lot for your wonderfully encouraging words.

Tons of kisses!!