Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coming backs hurt - a lot!

The most enourmous gratitude and love to ines, miao and kyklops for all their good wishes. Corny as it sounds, I do sincerely appreciate that from so far, you were concerned about your humble friend. May all the blessings of the Universe shower on your lives.

I spent the whole weekend at the hospital. The intervention turned out to be a relatively simple procedure that lasted an hour only. I was so scared, though, that I spent the whole pre and post intervention processes flowing the staff with the silliest utterances my panicked brain has ever produced. The most celebrated comment was something like this:

(Patient, still a bit numb from anaesthesia and a 24 hour fast, is waiting for the recovery room clearance. Staff is hungry and thinking about dinner)
Nurse 1: I'm starving. Any ideas for dinner?
Nurse 2: I think we should call Antonio to order something.
Patient (raising her hand numbily): Pizza would be fine for me, thanks.

And that is just a sample.

The visible evidence of the procedure consists on a small puncture under my last right rib, an almost invisible small puncture inside the bellybutton cleft and a beautiful second belly button 2 inches bellow my sternum. The invisible, I will carry 2 titanium staplers inside my belly for the rest of my life. Talking about extra weigth, eh?

Unfortunately, someone messed up with my insurance policy, and we're having a bit of trouble solving the economical part of this issue, I'm feeling a bit depressed without any apparent reason and, on top of that, although I was able to go to work yesterday, last night the remmanant pain was so intense that I had to miss my students' bimester exam today (crap!). But considering ALL the things that could've gone WRONG, I think we are still on the winning side.

I can't wait for the official dismisal day to go and wolf down the chessiest, most fattening and greasiest pizza I can find!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There might be a slight chance that I get my gallbladder problem solved this very weekend. That might sound like good news, you'd think. But as usual, it always seems that my family are absolutely incapable of taking a grip on themselves, and I, the patient, has to be comforting and supporting my relatives who immediatly panic.

Why the hell can't I be pampered and spoiled for once? I'm absolutely terrified, since it would be the very first major surgery I would undergo in my life, and I have to spend time calming people around me!!

That is just so unfair...