Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Day 19: Season nostalgia

Christmas is just around the corner, and the shopping spree is just about to begin. While I look at the store windows and observe the kinds of toys available nowadays, I can't stop thinking about how Christmas used to be when I was a child (lacrimogen, isn't it?).

Just think about this: when we were kids, Xmas decorations weren't set up until December the 1st. at least, and now we get to see them (at least in Mexico) since September. On the other hand, most of the decorations used to be home made, while now there are so many dancing Santas, snowmen and red-nosed rainders to make any electrician sick. Many toys have become complicated electronic devices that just "play themselves", meaning there's little interaction between player and toy, but some others are so cool I cry in outrage because they weren't invented earlier, to which my husband usually states this is because frustrated children of the past became current grown-up toy designers.

And regarding Xmas TV specials... Well, there used to be Xmas specials, like "The Christmas Toy", featuring the wonderful Jim Henson's workshop's muppets, instead of these unsavory, ill-oriented two-hour-length commercial vehicles. Now that's something I miss. Luckily, I have no children to bind me to sit and watch such a crap as "Barbie and the nutcracker" (blaaaaghhh!!)with them.

One more thing: name one single person who doesn't miss receiving presents from mom, dad, granny, santa, etc., without having to worry about choosing the right one for everybody.

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