Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 14. Let's go for something different

Ok, well, finally I've made up my mind and started writing this blog in English, in order to practice my skills and to see if by this means I get more readers, due to the fact that most of the blogs I've been reading are written in this language.

I've spent most of the afternoon reading blog entries, and found it sweet. Since it is not allowed to read books in the office (to keep the appereances, you know), this is the closest to reading at least 8 mini-stories along the day. It's like having your own short-stories book, pretending you're working. Ja, ja.

On the other hand, it's possible to see how other people deal keep their hobbies with real passion. Bird watching, knitting, painting, were only a few of the hobby-related blogs I found. Totally amazing.

Today I got pretty lucky my boss had an appointment outside the office, so I found a moment to relax and write without too many interruptions. Of all the working possibilities, definitely I picked the worst - recepcionist. To be honest, I do hate it, but I consider myself smart enough to recognize that the best way to find a job is from your current job.

Regarding a totally different matter, today starts our holiday "Day of the Dead". Pity, my slave-style boss is making us work tomorrow, so I won't have a single chance to visit all the interesting places and exhibits that were set up around the city. Now that really makes me sad.

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