Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 20: The usual Christmas stuff

Right before Xmas, people tend to show their worst and their best:

Their worst:

- Mood swings: Ex: 'Why the hell do you take so long to answer the f***ing phone?' while tests were being run on it.
- Secrecy: if we are participating in a gift exchange, why do they wait so long to list their expected presents?
- Selfishness: 'I'm listing everything I'm not gonna buy myself'
- Rancor: 'I'll die if I have to give a present to X'
- More Rancor: 'I'll die if X was designated to give me my present'
- Depression: 'me? at a Xmas party? No way. I'll get too depressed'
- Indifference: 'a Xmas party? what for? They're soooo boring'

On the other hand, I've also seen their best:

- Joy: 'I'm happy because we're one day closer to Xmas'
- Generosity: 'I'll give something to the office keeper. She's been so helpful' (whether that's true or not).
- Forgiveness: 'well, he's been a jerk all year, but it's Christmas, you know?'
- Care: 'oh, you're in charge of the party? Is there anything you may need help with?'
- Enthusiasm: ' a xmas party? Sure, I'd love to go' (and they actually go).

It's just the beginning, and there will be more things to see, but I truly believe the best will best the worst.

Place your bets, people.

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