Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 16: Usual Annoying Stuff

I've realized there are certain patterns or circumstances that happen repeatedly, in a kind of 'Murphy's Law' way, which are certain to drive crazy the unsuspecting victim (especially if that victim is me).

1. The 'last minute phone call'.
You've had a very boring, inactive day and, exactly when you're about to leave your workstation, someone calls with a matter that will take at least 20 min. to solve.

2. The 'lost visitor'.
It doesn't matter how many directories are printed at the building's entrance or the size of their letter. At least 3 people a day will poke their heads into your office asking for directions... inside the same building.

3. The 'untimely phone call'.
For sure, when your boss is calling you on one line, the general manager is screaming indications at you from the other side of your desk and you have 3 visitors waiting in line to talk to you, there will be a phone call that will steal at least 3 minutes, asking you for something that doesn't have anything to do with your department/area/functions.

4. The 'unpunctual mate'.
It never fails. The exact day you're about to starve to death at lunch time, your replacement will arrive at least 20 min. late.

5. The 'missing supply'.
The very day you need something you never think about due to an emergency, you will discover, with terror, the office has run out of that particular supply.

6. The 'absent courier'
. The same applies here. When you most need to send a delivery, your courier boy will have gone out 5 minutes before.

7. The 'boss' emergency'.
Another one you can certainly count on. Whenever your boss is out on a trip, something that requires his immediate attention will happen.

8. The 'pesky visitor'.
A regular nightmare in most offices, some visitors will never understand how annoying and uncomfortable it is to have them hanging around while the work is piling up on your head, especially if they've got nothing specific to do at your workstation.

9. The 'could I ask you a favor' guy/girl.
I don't know if the phrase is the same in other countries, but it is absolutely true that whoever begins his/her speech with this phrase, means trouble or confrontation... for you.

10. And last, but not least, The 'I'm the boss' boss.
There's one at every working place; this wonderful guy/girls who seems to believe that authority and respect are a given of their particular position, and take for granted the "privileges" of being such. I particulary loathe these guys, 'cause respect and privileges are not received, but earned. On the other hand, they scould you for getting in 2 min. late, while they get to the office 20 min. late every day.

So, if you thought it only happened to you, let me tell you you're not alone in the nightmarish world of office work.


kim said...

I completely agree about the "last minute phone call"---I can be sitting at my desk all day, and then at five minutes to 5:00 p.m. a client will call with a long question about their account.


annulla said...

About #9, the "Could I ask you a favor" guy/girl. The phrase is pretty much the same, but here it is generally couched as "Could you do me favor?" or, worse, "Do you have a minute?" Either way, it is a harbinger of trouble.

Mr_Hopeful said...

You have summed up the microcosm of office life very well, perhaps too well :)