Monday, November 06, 2006

Day 15: Common Law Partners

Right now the Representatives in my country are about to vote a law intended to protect the interests of both sides in a Common Law Partnership, but one of the Democratic Revolution Party representatives said in an interview that he would abstain from voting for “religious reasons”.

Although I respect every point of view, I found this situation laughable. How come a politician, who is supposed to be neutral in any circumstance, suddenly turns out to be a religious person and use this as an argument facing a social issue? It’s ridiculous.

Personally, I myself live under a Common Law Partnership, which has resulted in one of the best experiences of my life, since now every aspect of daily life and major decisions have to be negotiated in order to protect both participants’ interests. Taking into consideration that partnership results into some kind of business-like relationship, it seems pretty stupid to deny the protection of a regulatory law to same-sex partners.

My point is that, if we have accepted the existence of roommates, which usually belong to the same sex, why is it that complicated to admit the existence of same-sex couples? Does it make a difference if they share a bed or not?

On the other hand, it is true that, if a roommate dies, it is his or her family who makes decisions on the property left at their apartment, if no provisions were made. So, if intelligent roommates protect each other by signing responsibility contracts (as I personally did many years ago) and an accurate listing of each other’s possessions, why shouldn’t something similar apply to partnerships and be respected by the partners’ families? Supposedly, in Mexico a will is a will as long as it is handwritten and in a wax-sealed envelope.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is more than time that we finally separated social and governmental issues from religion. It has been demonstrated several times through history that religion has caused more social problems than it has solved.

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