Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 74: Some things you didn't know about me

1. Two brushes with fame: I had the chance to talk to Stan Lee at the '94 Comicon. When I was leaving the table, he turned to his translator, who happened to be the Vid publishing house official translator, and said "Now, you see, that's English!".

A couple of days ago, I ran into Sergio Sarmiento, a very famous political journalist right outside from my work. I said "Mr. Sarmiento" and nodded... and he nodded back at me!! (but I forgot to ask for his autograph).

2. The only thing I regret in life:
not completing my bachelor's degree. I dropped out in 96, and now I've lost two wonderful job offers due to lacking that stupid paper.

3. Books:
I've read over a thousand books in my life. Some borrowed, or stolen or bought, but I must confess I've found some books that I definitely threw out of the window, like "Niebla" or "Doña Perfecta". Shakespeare in English has always overwhelmed me, although I'm a pretty good reader both in English and Spanish. Last achievement: finishing "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in 4 days (take into account I was working my hellish schedule).

4. 15 minutes of fame:
when Role-Playing-Games had their boom in Mexico, I won a second-prize for game-mastering at the aforementioned 94 Comicon, I appeared on TV (in the background, but TV anyway) and in two radio programs. I retired at a 30-player game at which all characters were killed... and they still loved me!!

5. Pets:
I love pets. I currently have a wonderful Maine Coon named "Fuzhienran" (the tiger-orchid in Chinese). I've had tropical fish, turtles, mice and dogs. The only ones I hate are birds.

6. Life-Time Record:
8 years of absolute fidelity and faithfulness to my partner.

7. Competition:
I define myself as a natural-born-competitor. Since the cradle I used to steal my brother's milk bottles. That thirst to win at everything has taken me far in life.

8. The lone wolf:
I spent half of my life trying to fit, and the other half, trying to be left alone. I work better by myself, and defend my private time zealously.

9. Collections:
I collect suns, books, lions and superstitions, especially those particular to households or family traditions.

10. Things I am superstitious about:
Although I define myself as a skepchick, I go crazy about money superstitions. I never place my bag on the floor or on the bed, for instance. You scare money away!

Feel free to ask any questions just in case you get curious.

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