Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 71: Eight things my cat has taught me.

1. Cleanliness is good, but never take your bath in front of strangers.

2. If you beg for affection, nobody pays attention to you. Be disdainful, and they’ll come by themselves.

3. Four small meals a day is more than enough to keep you healthy.

4. You want to play, carry your own toys.

5. Nap whenever you can.

6. Allow people to scratch you ears; never your belly, especially the youngest ones.

7. The silent always catches the prey (or the string, or the ball, or your master’s toe).

8. Day is dull, night is fun!


Torquer said...

I used to have a cat once. We had to look after it for 2 weeks while a relative went on holiday. Unfortunately, the cat also brought its mates, a bunch of fleas with it.

The whole house had massive blisters all over their bodies: by massive I mean 2 inches in diameter.

Mind if I plug my blog? You don't? Great!

Jingo said...

Cats have remarkable abilities. There was one in the news that lived in a hospice and could sense when a patient was gonna die!

Torquer, I forgot all about Hugo... Was it really two weeks? I bonded with that feline... seemed like years...

Adicto a lo imposible...en rehabilitación. said...

What's up with cats that women love them? Even Shakira said: "I'm really a cat you see", remember? an there's an old song that says: "seré la gata bajo la lluvia!" remember that one?. Anyway. Love your blog. Been reading it for a while following a link from sacred scrolls ^_^. I'd like to see you someday around mine.

The Usual Stuff said...

torquer: I know what you mean with the damn fleas. I adopted 6 abbandoned kittens once, but they were infested. I found fleas in my bed! (Yuck!)
No problem about extra publicity. I'll pay a visit.

jingo: my cat knows when I'm depressed. She gets extra-demanding; probably knows her purring relaxes me.

adicto: thanks a lot for your nice comments. I do remember the song; in fact, I used to love it!
I like cats because I'm lazy: you don't have to walk them, they are litter-trained and can take care of themselves. The perfect pet!

Miao said...

I'd like to have a pet in future too. Preferably a dog. I like dogs better. Cats are too aloof.

The Usual Stuff said...

That is if you treat them like that. If you treat your cat as you would do with a dog, they tend to display the same demonstration of afection. That's what we did with mine, and it worked.
Hope you have as much love and joy with your pet as I do with mine.