Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 72: It was my birthday.

Last Tuesday, August 21st, was my birthday. Now I'm 34 - one year away from "discardability age'. Some would start having the 'midlife' crisis. Not me, of course. I knew since 25 that from that point on it was going to be harder. So, at a time I feel tempted to believe everything is going to go downhill, I remind myself my creed:

Who I am: a winner.

Where I am: on the road to something better.

What I want: peace of mind, body and spirit.


Adicto a lo imposible...en rehabilitación. said...

Well, Happy Birthday!! It just so happens, that apparently today is Blogger's birthday as well, so a lot to celebrate. I hope you have had a really cool birthday. Enjoy! There's no such thing as midlife crisis, at least not at our age....err, did I say our age? oh, well...yeah. I just turned 31 on aug 11th, but sshh!!!

The Usual Stuff said...

Adicto: thanks for your congratulations. You have just reached the age of full potential. It is between the 30's and 50's that the man conquers and wins. Happy birthday to you as well! Let's have a giant summer cake!

Miao said...

Happy belated birthday! Joyeux anniversaire! Be happy! :D

Jingo said...

Happy belated birthday! Live life to the fullest and pursue your dreams!

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: tnx a lot for your good wishes. Your visits mean a lot to me. =)

jingo: tnx a lot for your wishes. I'm glad you continue visiting. By the way, at my age, I guess that is the only thing left to do, don't you think= =)

And to everybody, I posted late 'cause I took four days off to rest.

Miao said...

Nice to hear that you took four days off to rest. It's always healthy and necessary and recuperate and revitalise yourself!