Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 73: Why I hate Summer Vacations

Now that Summer Break is finally off I can express why I hate it.

Since I was a child, summer break was one of the most dreaded times of the year. In those days, Mexican schools used to grant two full months off, which meant we kids had to stay stuck at home with nothing to do, since it is not customary to assign summer homework as in other countries. It was the time of boredom. The only positive thing was the opportunity to wake up late and watch over 12 hours of cartoons, when broadcasting systems still cared about the youngest sector of the market.

Nowadays, all that has dissapeared. Kids only get 3 weeks that they spend creating havoc in the tenant buildings' corridors 'cause parents don't want them at home and TV is no longer the best nanny, since the "children schedule" has been traded for the most profitable informertials. Most parents prefer to grant their children free rein and let them sleep late, with the results you can imagine on their neighbors' sleeping schedule.

On the other hand, if I am to be honest, some of the bloggers I keep in touch with usually take vacations out from home, and thus we miss the opportunity to read the only interesting material available at the office, which makes me really sad. They usually post some great pictures afterwards, though.

However, Summer holidays are finally over. Little monsters are back at their cages and restrained by piles of homework in the afternoons, and traffic has gone back to the usual heavyness. Autumn is just a few weeks away, and a little peace has befallen the building's corridors.

Did you have a good vacation?


Adicto a lo imposible...en rehabilitación. said...

Whatever happened to Supervacaciones?!

The Usual Stuff said...

Adicto: The same that happened to "Caritele": they were overwhelmed by interest in profits and lack of interest from directors, who probably didn't have children to entertain. >=(