Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Day 26: Near New Year's Eve

Ok, Christmas is finally over. We have opened the presents, got a diarreah from all the stuff we had for dinner and a headsplitting hang over from everything we drank. So, what's next?

And here comes New Year's Eve, which is celebrated in many countries, by many people from many cultures, all with a different significance and relevance.

Personally, I believe we humans celebrate this as a time for renewal, for starting again. From the ancient cult of the Sun to the modern Christians, or Muslims or Wiccans or whatever, we all remember this is a time to change, and maybe become better individuals and people.

Every year, we prepare a list of wishes or goals that we want to fulfill during the year to come. How many of them did we accomplish for this year? In my case, just a few, but next year I promise myself there will be more, for my "wish list" won't be so, but a list of goals.

And what will they be? That's a subject for another post.


Miao said...

Hey, you aren't stupid just because you didn't manage to figure out my new URL. A lot of people didn't, because I deliberately made it very difficult. Why don't you give me your email address and I'll email you my new URL? :) Thanks for showing interest!

Jingoistic said...

Ah the good ole' New Year Resolutions... I never used to make them but this year I might give it a try.

Axel said...

Thanks for the comments on my blogs.
I wish everyone a Happy Newyear...

the usual stuff said...

A million thanks to all people who stopped by. Let's make not resolutions, but goal settings.