Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day 21: Christmas Folley's... in Advance!

For once, we're not gonna complain, but tell something that's really worth mentioning.

Despite the previous complaints, I must say that there is, in general, a good sense of humor and a ludicrous spirit at my work place, which has started to develop with the season.

It all began with yours trully, who shown up one day sporting a Santa Claus red hat, white trim and all, which caused the whole office to laugh to tears, since I really looked funny with it.

Next day, another co-worker arrived with a wonderful 'Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer' nose prop, which flashed in a fancy red light. Don't ask me where he bought it, but he was the office's sensation of the day.

And today, one of the guys brought in an electric Santa that, whenever you approach to it, sings a song, turns around and pulls his pants down! Although such toys are pretty common in the U.S., we all found it hillarious!

I hope we can keep the spirits up to the end of the season.

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