Sunday, December 24, 2006

Day 25: Christmas Craze!!!!

I know it's happened to every body. Here you are, having taken all your provisitions for Christmas, and then... something happens. In my case:

1. Job Christmas Craze: There I was, with no single pending before the holiday, when my boss cancels a trip and asks for an urgent translation... due to the 22nd. All suppliers and clients asking for last minute payments and quotes, and, of course, all my peers asking desperately for help 'cause they were behind with their in-trays. Oh, Dear Lord!!

2. Last minute gift hunting: I had done all my shopping since December the 9th. No last minute calls. But, as usual, no matter what I do every year, up pops somebody else that wasn't in the original list. Last night we went on a tour around Costco, Sam's Club and Liverpool department store, all full to the roof with crazy customers. It was hell! (but I got the presents. Ja!)

3. The lost ingredient - the thrill of the fight: again, no matter how much you plan, how many check lists you go through with your people, there's always a missing ingredient for your Christmas dinner. In this case, my hubby forgot the bread (doh!). We had to kill 3 kids and beat 5 old ladies to get 2 stone-cold loaves. The jungle, my lads, the jungle out there.

4. The missing wrapping paper: I don't know you, but every single year I go to Costco in November and buy at least two 3-mile long wrapping paper sheets. I measure the paper to the milimeter, but there never seems to be enough, or someone in the familiy "forgets" to buy more paper than last year's left-overs. And of course, you comb every single stationary to find... NOTHING!

5. The hideous ribbons: No matter how big the bags are (in Mexico, we buy them by the hundreds in bags), they seem to devour each other in it, so we are always short. This year, we decided to be original, and attach stickers, instead of those little freaky canibals.

But finally here we are, ready to eat through the tempting dinner table, destroy the wrappings of loads of presents, and enjoy sharing all the love in the universe with our relatives.

May all your work come to good fruit, and the blessings of the universe shower on you and your families.


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