Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day 24: Miracles near Christmas.

Affectionately dedicated to the one and single person who stopped by to comment in weeks.

Although it’s perfectly clear to me that a lot of people don’t believe in God and some other believe too much, I feel obliged to express my joy and surprise regarding how those little miracles, where I like to see “the hand of God”, occur, especially since we are so close to Christmas Eve (only 4 days left!!)

Miracle no. 1: a couple of days ago I was agonizing with thirst, but I was unable to leave my station to get at least some water, and one of my co-workers, out of his generous heart, got to my desk with a nice, freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Just because.

Miracle no. 2: I’ve been trying for months to find someone going to the States so I can ask them to bring me the new Wii Console, since this is the last time I’ll be able to afford such a purchase for a long time, and nothing. Out of the blue, one of my aunts asked me if I wanted something brought from the States, since she’s leaving next Saturday. Perfect timing!

Miracle no. 3: Today, without prior notice, my boss stepped into the English Class I’m teaching to my peers at my office. Surprisingly, all of them came to class and arrived on time. Considering the absence rate of the last two months, that was a miracle.

Miracle no. 4: my best friend was forced, due to her precarious economic situation, to live with an obnoxious roommate for around a year. Two weeks ago, she came out with the good news she’s been offered a very nice and cheap apartment, so she will finally be able to regain her independence and reunite with her two beloved pet dogs. I felt absolutely happy for her.

Miracle no. 5: unexpectedly, I was able to finish all the pending issues on my in-tray. And my boss will be off the office for one week!!! It’s not exactly a vacation but, hey, it’s better than anything.

I’m not exactly a religious person, and I don’t intend to preach to anybody (I do hate people who do so), but I also believe the hand of God, the Lord, the Almighty, whatever you decide to call that force beyond our understanding, can be seen in daily life.

You may feel sad (as I felt) reading the newspapers today, which bore these horrible, bloody headlines about people killed by drunk-driving because of the “Posadas”. You may question why all the bad things happen, especially during this particular season, but I also try to look around, into the small things, to remember that good things can also happen.

Funny thing is I wanted it to be a happy post, but it went out of my hands, and it almost wrote itself. Anyway, I promise to be careful, not to drive if I drink, and continue with the jolly spirit.

NOTE: This post has been waiting in my PC for 2 days due to the version change. Am I a muggle, or some of these things are really complicated?


Miao said...

Thanks for your compliment, you flatter me too much. :) Anyway I am not a religious person myself, but it is nice to have something you truly believe in. Makes life happier and more purposeful.

May more miracles come your way. :)

Jingoistic said...

The dedication goes out to me? I am flattered and pleased I have had such an impact on someone!

My life is void of miracles at the moment, or perhaps I just don't want to see anyway.

Christmas for me isn't really a time to be merry, its a time to buck trends and start studying in preparation for tests :(

the usual stuff said...

Although I speak of God, it's more like a way to say we should look around and notice the little misteries of life. In fact, I do believe, but I keep myself as far away as possible from churches and people. I keep it between the Boss and me. =)

the usual stuff said...

that was another of the little miracles I was talking about. On the other hand, good luck for your exams. If it's a consolation for you, we're working on the 'year's closure' here, so we're going nuts at the office. =)

Axel said...

A Mexican miracle:
That it was possible to sleep in a hammock for a week in Zipolite (Mexican beach) and celebrate christmas there some 13 years ago. I love Latinamerican miracles !
I have not forgotten your beautiful country.

kyklops said...

Nice blog. Keep writing and slowly but surely visitors will come. Some of them might even leave comments!