Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day 27: Now that the party is over...

OK. Now that the party is over, I think it's the moment to get serious and talk about the New Year's Resolutions. In my country, resolutions are just something you boast about for a week and forget for 12 months. Since I try not to swim with the current, I've set my 12 personal goals for this year, and here they are:

1. Start my diet: for serious health reasons, and being tired of never finding fitting clothes, next Saturday I'm going to the nutriologist, to get a professional meal plan, 'rosca de reyes' or no 'rosca de reyes' (that is, Epiphany cake or not).

2. Stick to it: I've started and dropped several times. I know I can do it, so this time, I'm doing it again, with Nazi discipline.

3. Learn to drive: it really scares the s**t out of me, since I'm afraid of car accidents, but I want to overcome fear in order to gain freedom.

4. Balance my budget: I've never been too good at it, but this year I really want to know where the hell my money goes.

5. Save money: no, this is not a resolution; it's a must. When I was at Citibank, they taught me 'Save your first dollar'. Well, now it's the right moment.

6. No more major purchases: once I get my Wii Console, I won't spent another single penny on things I really don't need. (I'll be too busy paying my car, so this one will be easy).

7. Discard all crazy stuff: it's not the best way to spend weekends or holidays, but you'd be amazed of the amount of crap I've collected through the years. It's time for it to go.

8. Organize my personal papers: again, the amount of papers I've been filing would amaze the FBI. Could you believe I can't find my Citizen ID number? That was the last straw.

9. Get my passport: I'm not sure I'm really gonna need it, but it's pretty useful in case you get your personal ID robbed, as was my case.

10. Regularly visit the doctor and the dentist: as you can see, this time I'm freaked for good, so I'm starting to take good care of myself.

11. Try to reduce the smoking: I won't quit until I wanna do so or because they say so, but I'm definitely starting training for that day.

12. Wash the cat: as stupid as it may seem, you certainly haven't tried to do it yourself at home's shower, with all the buffing and scratching. This time, I'm paying to get it done, so she will stop shedding enough hair to stuff another cat.

So, I've set myself to realistic, achievable and planned goals. Let's see if I'm as good as I think of myself to achieve them all. I'll report on them throughout the year. May God bless you, grant all your wishes and allows you to have a very Happy, Nice and Full-of-Love New Year.


TOMCODY75 said...

Mi unico proposito de año nuevo cada año es...llegar al fin de año.

Gracias por tus comentarios y apoyo a Los Pergaminos. FEliz año y todas esas cosas.

...y no, no pienso comentar en Ingles.


Jingoistic said...

A lot tougher than mine! A lot of yours seem to revolve around money... I'm glad I don't have such concerns.

the usual stuff said...

mmm. I hadn't noticed that, jingoistic, but you're right. Maybe that's because I spent the previous 2 years without a penny in my pocket. jajaja.