Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 96: It’s Halloween at last!

Finally we are here, the spookiest, scariest, horrifying and most terrorizing date on the calendar: All Hallows Eve.

Doing a little research on the origins of such a creepy holiday, I found out a lot of interesting information from its ancient pagan origins to the relatively modern introduction of the holiday into the United States by the Irish immigrants fleeing from the Potato Famine in the mid 1800’s.

But why do we find this particular date so fascinating? Personally, I do believe that even the most modern, skeptic, scientific and aseptic 21st century citizen will find difficult to detach himself from the influence of natural cycles, which become more evident on this particular moment of the year and affect our physical performance as days are getting shorter, days are getting windier and the moon looks bigger and brighter than ever.

On the other hand, even though we could be expected to have developed a more rational approach towards reality, the blatant truth is that human race is collectively moving back into a new dark age, reviving the boom for ghosts, divination, Mayan predictions, horoscopes and all the imaginary terrors that go bump in the night. How then, can we forget that Halloween is one of the four marked dates on the Witch Calendar, where the bonds between the spiritual underworld and ours thin and any kind of supernatural being has the chance to roam freely through the night? How can we subtract ourselves from the romantic atmosphere created by candle light and incense perfume? Is it possible that anyone may forget that the last crops have been harvested and it is time to thank and placate the powerful, magical and dark forces of fertility before they go to the symbolic death of the winter?

It is also difficult to forget we take advantage of this time, as I have done throughout the previous posts, to remember the things that used to make us tremble when we were younger, and the process of mastering those fears. Even now we are afraid of different things as grown-ups (unemployment, illness, old age, death, etc.) we are more capable of dealing with them thanks to our previous training in overcoming the overwhelming fear to vampires, ghosts, boogey-men, were-wolves, nahuales, chaneques and supernatural beings we used to think all-mighty, mysterious, powerful and deadly.

Therefore, I salute tonight all the Dark Creatures who dwell on this night, the most magical of them all, who bring us the conscience of power and will.


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