Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day 89: I survived my wedding


Here we are, safe and sound after the chaotic 3-ring-circus my wedding ceremony became. Again, I want to publicly thank miao for her nice support under this affronting circumstances.

Just in case you want to know how this soap-opera drama ended, I will say that the ceremony was routinely formal, except for the fact that my mother arrived shamefully late and barely screeched her tires in time to sign the official document.

Later, she asked my recently-accquired hubby and I to go shopping for her since she had no time to purchase "guacamole" (wa-ka-moh-leh), thus causing our team to arrive, to our dishonor, an hour after all the gests had gathered at the reception.

The wedding cake, as I predicted, was a total bitter dissapointment, given the fact my mother accepted it with such and awful, conventional and wrong decoration, blatantly contravening my precise instructions on it, thus letting the decorator to get his way with it. Fortunatelly, at least the filling was as delicious as I expected, as it was I who decided which one was the more likely to be found tasty by my guests.

The funniest thing (yes, still there was something funny) was that the person my mother made me invite under the premise he was going to provide us with the best present ended up giving
us nothing but his gracious presence. TAKE THAT ONE, MOM!

So here we are, with nothing in our relation changed at all, except for the fact that today, while filling up the required format to apply for an American Visa (which I was granted, by the way), they forced me to include the "De Valdes" on the list of any name I might be called by, an ancient custom I have loathed all my life, since I never agreed on belonging to anyone just by signing a paper. Therefore, I will forever defend my right to sign my maiden name, given the fact I have no license plaque hanging from my neck.

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of this wedding adventures more than I did. Ja, ja.


kyklops said...

So, are you moving to the US?

The Usual Stuff said...

Thank you very much, Kyklops. Nope, I'm not moving to the US, because I applied for a non-immigrant visa. If anything, I would really love to move to Canada! =)

Miao said...

Maybe the person your mum insisted you should invite offered his gracious presence as the best gift. :P

Yeah, Canada is a really scenic country. I've never been there before, but I've seen photos of it. It has a really small population for its vast expanse too, so you can lead a relatively quiet, peaceful and undisturbed life there. :)

The Usual Stuff said...

I did understand it that way, miao, but it was really funny to see that dissapointed look on my mom's face.

In fact, it is the Canadian social approach (live and let live) that appeals to me most. My Canadian friends state that it is like living on the moon! =)

Adicto a lo imposible...en rehabilitación. said...

See it this way: It's over!! And you survived! LOL. Your sense of humor intact and all. Congratulations once again!

youtube.com/debbje said...

sweet and congratulations

The Usual Stuff said...

Thank you very much, adicto>. Indeed it was hard to keep a good sense of humor, but I know that only a few months from now I will be laughing my head off about this. Kisses!

Thanks a lot, debbje, for stopping by, and for your nice wishes. Hugs!