Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 94: Getting ready for Halloween: Scary Videos

I have mentioned before that I am basically a visual learner, that is, everything that makes an impact on my mind has to get in through my eyes. Therefore, some of my best nightmares have been plagued by imaginary delivered by particularly frightening monsters conceived by visual artists who know what terrors make people tickle.

Some of them are presented here for all of us who are addicted to that rush of adrenaline triggered by fear.

1. Thriller, Michael Jackson.

This one I saw when I was around 9 or 10 years old, all by myself at my granny's house, while my mom was taking a trip. I don't quite remember why there were no adults around, or why my brother wasn't there to share my terrors, but what I do remember is that I curled up against the Old English Shepherd my aunt Marissa used to own at that time, trying to keep the zombies away.*


2. Attack of the Killer Toys, Akira.

First time I saw this particular clip, I hid all my stuffed animals for a month.

3. The Headless Horseman, The legend of Sleepy Hollow.
This wonderful piece, narrated in Spanish by German Valdez, haunted our imagination for many years. One of my favorites nowadays.

4. The Cat with Hands.

I'm not pretty sure where this came out from, but my husband made me see it out of sheer curiosity. Well, unlike the cat in this story, my curiosity was almost killed. I couldn't sleep for a week!

I hope you are still able to sleep on these creepy nights before Halloween, after watching these videos.


*Sorry I was unable to embed the actual video, but that feature has been disabled by you tube. Anyway, hope you can find it in the link provided.

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