Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 87: Fifteen Questions

I do love quizzes because they give me an insight of people. It's like taking a picture of them when they are not aware.

Inés, on Outstanding Thoughts, answered the following, thus prompting me to do the same, and I'd also like to invite you to "get your picture taken".

1. Pick the closest book, go to page 18, and transliterate the fourth line.
"Very well" - she said. "You have passed the first test". (Dune, Frank Herbert)

2. What was the last thing you saw on TV?
"Primero Noticias", the morning news, with Carlos Loret de Mola

3. Beside the noise of the PC, what do you hear?
My electric fan and all the noisy people in the office

4. When did you go out last time , and where did you go?
To the movies, with my husband, to see "Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest" (shopping doesn't count, I guess)

5.What are you wearing now?
Blue trousers, white shirt, black socks, black shoes and a navy blue knitted sweater (I know, I dress like a granny).

6. When did you laugh last time?
Last night, about something funny my hubby said.

7. What is on the wall in the room you are located now?
The company's logo.

8.Did you see something weird today?
A big machine digging a hole in the ground with a huge drill, about 10 m. high.

9. What was the last movie you saw?
"The Fountain", starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss. Not the best movie, but one of the finest of Jackman's performances.

10. If you become a billionaire tonight, what would be the first thing you buy?
A big house with swimming pool at Las Lomas neighborhood

11. Tell us something of you that we don't know.
I go berserk if I ever happen to lose at something.

12. Do you like to dance?
I love to, but have very few chances to.

13. What names would you pick for a boy and a girl?
Martin and Andrea.

14. Did you planned to live abroad?
That's one of the dreams of my life.

15. What would you like to hear from God when you reach paradise?
"And you thought you weren't going to make it!"

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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YosoyineS said...

Hey, I already did this, so....

I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Kisses!!