Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Men & Women on Christmas Eve

1. Women spend days checking what they want to purchase for presents and then one day come home loaded with presents. Men rush to the empty stores the last day and come back loaded with weird things.

2. Women discreetly find out what you would like for a present. Men fire a "What do you want for Christmas?" at your face... or get you something weird.

3. Women cook, clean, cook, clean and then get ready for the party. Men drink, cook... and then get ready for the party.

4. Women spend 8 hours measuring, cutting, placing scotch tape and attaching ribbons to get the perfect wrappings. Men buy present bags.

5. Women spend 3 months at a store choosing a dress for Christmas Dinner. Men put on the least wrinkled suit and are ready to go.

6. Men drive to Christmas Dinner. Women drive BACK from Christmas Dinner.

7. Women never have enough Christmas decorations. The Christmas Tree is one too many for men.

8. Women lie that Santa Claus exists. Men die if the toys get discovered.


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