Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I wish there were...

1. Apartment builidngs for boring, social lifeless, handworking DINKS, with kids, parties and noisy pets forbidden.

2. Adult-only, kid-forbidden, smoking-allowed restaurants.

3. Children-movie shows in their original language for adults only.

4. Sound-proof meditation cabins for claustrophobics.

5. Google-Sites practical crash-courses for dummies (like me).

6. A "How to Organize your Massive Demonstration in Mexico City" Manual for dummies (like me).

7. A mandatory electrical zapper for people who have bad manners and constatly use foul language, and kids who abuse their parents in public.

8. More people who visited and commented on my blog.

9. Clean, safe and free toilets in Mexico City.

10. Free best-seller distribution for reading maniacs (like me)


kyklops said...

8. More people who visited and commented on my blog.

It can take a long time, but I wouldn't obsess about this. Also, the number of comments is not always a good indicator of the actual amount of visitors.

Just do what you do... and more photos, please!

YosoyineS said...

Kyklops is right, you shouldn't worry about the comments, probably, there are more readers than commenters.

I have to disagree with the free distribution of best sellers, I'd rather prefer the free distribution of classic novels and stories, that would be interesting ;)

And, in other order of things, I have something for you, I saw this, and I remembered you :)


Me (:

The Usual Stuff said...

kyklops: thanks for the encouragement; actually, I'm not that obsessed with comments, but it came up at 1 am, when I got the inspiration for this post. I do promise more photos.

inés: that link is pure gold. Thanks a lot for remembering me. In other order of ideas, I probably was thinking about books such as "His Dark Materials", "The Three Musketeers" or something like that, but that's what came out at 1 am.

YosoyineS said...

Hey, but Alexander Dumas (both father and son) are the greatest thieves of novels of the XIX century!! That's cheating!! :P

The Usual Stuff said...

ines: do you happen to have any references to support that statement, just for curiosity sake? Anyway, I'm gonna research on that, since it sounds pretty interesting.