Friday, July 18, 2008

Music and Sun

After reading kyklops post on music, I decided to post these pictures related both to music and one of my personal obsessions.

I collect suns. That is, handcraft representations of the sun, which has always been extremely relevant in Ancient Mexican Culture. Here you have a sample of my collection.
I intend to cover the wall from ceiling to floor.
And regarding music, here is this one:
Hope you like it, and any contribution in the form of sun representations from other cultures, of any material, will be gladly welcome.


Miao said...

Collecting suns probably shows something about your personality - warm, bright and optimistic!

Just like a sun. :)

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: je, je. Certainly I do hope that the rest of the world really perceive me like that, because sometimes I can be like an eclipse - dark, cold, and frightening. Thanks! ;)