Friday, July 18, 2008

Trigger happy summer 2

Probably the secret to a good photo entry resides on posting just a couple at a time, but it is really tempting to upload almost everything I have ever captured digitally.

But I'll try to keep it simple and short.

My cat sleeps with her eyes open.

This I took with my celphone, from where I work. I call it "Swan-cloud".

And this is a "jacaranda", which gets purple flowers in the spring.
Hope you like them. I'll post more next time.


Miao said...

I love the jacaranda! That is something I don't see in Singapore.

El observador said...

me encanta cuando hay muchas, y la calle se tapiza de flores... :-D

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: I would certainly love to know where those trees came from. On the other hand, you should see the avenues literally go PURPLE when these buddies blossom. I've got a couple of pics, but they're not that good.

observador: ¿no es genial? yo afirmo que, diga lo que diga el calendario, la primavera lleg√≥ cuando las jacarandas florecen. Reforma se pone toda morada.