Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 55: The dawn of the dead

Probably this is usual for some people, but it's really killing me. This morning, my alarm clock went off at 5 am. I threw my arm across the bed to press the "snooze" button and went into oblivion for another ten minutes. I don't accurately remember how many times this happened, but when I was finally able to regain something similar to consciousness, it was 6:30 already.

I swear I tried as hard as possible to get ready quickly, but everything seemed to be happening in a bullet shot. It took hours to find the clothes, to press them, to get dressed, to grab my hip-bag and back-pack and reach the door. The clock was now indicating 6:55.

And then it was like a horrible, cinematic fast forward: running downstairs like mad to catch a taxi, looking at the traffic ahead to find a hole at which gain a few meters, panting at the elevator doors to finally jump forward to insert your timecard with a few seconds left.

And all this is due to the exhaustion I'm suffering from this project at the office that is not working right. My boss has been getting to the office at 6 pm and expecting us to continue working our asses off with a smile after our regular shift.

And that is just a small part of the situation. The fact is that I hate feeling this dull, ill-slept, ill-tempered and frustrated, when it's not my direct fault. If the stupid project manager had provided me with the right information since the very begining, this wouldn't be happening.
Good thing is, next Tuesday is a holiday in Mexico. WOOOOHOOO!!


YosoyineS said...

Actually, May 1rst it’s an international holiday. The only thing that bugs me is that it won’t be a holiday to me. I have to study, if I don’t I’ll fail my constitutional law exam once more. Sh*t.


Miao said...

This coming Tuesday is a public holiday in my country too - Labour Day!

Y sin embargo... said...

Como no... el dia de los trabajadores!! Aqui en España mucha gente hace puente!! Por cierto, yo necesito tres alarmas para despertarme! jaja

Jingo said...

Next monday is a bank holiday. When all the banks shut down and I get to stay off school :)

The Usual Stuff said...

Don't worry too much, Ines. I failed algebra 7 times in my day!
It's just that there are some subjects we're not good at.

miao: hey, pal, long time no see!
Hope you enjoy your holiday without demonstrations, as happens in Mexico city.

y sin embargo: ¡ay, qué bonito que la cultura del puente no es exclusiva de México! Y para que te rías, tomarse el lunes le va a costar la chamba a la chamaca del cuento. ja, ja.

jingo: oh, that's fantastic! I hope you have the chance to go out, play soccer and collect many more anecdotes.