Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 53: Earthquake's aftermath

It's been 3 days and 11 tremors after the earthquake. For most DF dwellers, things are going back to normal, but it's going to be difficult to sleep easily for another couple of weeks. Although we are in the middle of a heat wave, we are all going to start sleeping on full night wear, just in case we have to leave our buildings running for dear life.

Let's face it. It has been 20 years after the world-wide-known "'85 Earthquake", and Mexico City is not ready yet to face a big disaster. Some of the old damaged buildings have been resettled by illegal tenants, and now their paying the price for taking over free acommodations. Now they're being relocated into shelters, but they have no hope of getting new locations as good as their old ones. Instead of complaining, they should be grateful they lived to tell the tale.

As a citizen aware of the potential costs of stupidity, I'm telling everyone who may listen all the stuff I learned from the Civil Protection Training Courses I've taken before.

Do you keep your documents safe next to a flashlight?

Note: All the pictures were taken from "El Universal" newspaper. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

Yikes -was there an earthquake - I missed it!!

Miao said...

This is random but I wish I have a chance to learn Spanish from you...

The Usual Stuff said...

mutley: yep, you did. If you ever come to Mexico, I can take you to visit some of the most sismic areas we have. You may get lucky and experience one!

miao: if you're really willing to take Spanish classes on line, you may be willing to read my blog in Spanish, "planeta quejas",or we might develop a syllabus and get you started from the basics. It all depends on how serious you want to go with this. Just let me know, and we can do something.

Y sin embargo... said...

Terremotoooo!! lo vi en las noticias... mas de 40 segundos... eso es una locura! Aqui en Granada (Andalucía) donde vivo, también suele haber bastantes terremotos porque las placas africana y europea estan al ladito! La zona donde vivo es uno de los lugares con mayor peligrosidad sismica del mundo! :O Fijate, hace solo un mes precisamente hubo uno... :S

Y hablando de Granada... para quien lo lea y/o lo entienda: no os olvideis de votar a La Alhambra como una de las nuevas 7 maravillas del mundo! ;) GRACIAS!