Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 50: Where is everybody?

Ok, I have finally gotten to the 50th post in this intellectual exercise and, as usual, I can't help but wonder where all my old readers have gone.

Is it just the Easter Holidays? Is it that the comments I leave on other blogs seem either agresive or lame? Or should I blame it on my own lack of good topics to comment about, or is it just that my level of English has plummeted so bad that my composing is not attractive any more?

Yes, yes, I know that it sounds like a desperate cry for attention from somebody who just loves to be under the spotlight. But , as an intended writer, I feel kind of confused, because everybody just stopped visiting, and I pretend to create something that is worth reading.

Usual Stuff is something that happens to everybody, and that was the idea here: share that usual, annoying, common stuff with all the people, so we can place things in perspective and remember shit doesn't happen only to us as individuals (the more we are, the better we feel, right?). Therefore, I feel really down when I get to see this guy "Kyklops" doing something really funny with something as simple as a paper cut and getting at least 1 comment on it, while I don't seem to attract anybody by describing the most stupid side of the so-called 'Mexican Society' (more like a bunch of organized monkeys, I'd say).

Of course, this doesn't mean I'm willing to give up on this yet. I know I'm stubborn enough to carry on and make this a spot where some people may share the common things that happen to every individual on this planet, despite race, religion, nationality or whatever. And I'm not a 'globalization' believer (that stuff sucks). I just like to get other points of view on the common problems of life, to get a more complete, 'poliedric' vision that may expand my perception.

On the common side of life, don't you love it when all the bosses live early and leave their poor slaves behind to watch the post? We have recently been told to pull the cart harder, but bosses never set the example. Therefore, every one was goofing around last wednesday, playing with the computers, checking mails, chatting, all knowing we're gonna pay for it next week. But what the heck, it happens every year.

I'm not begging, but I would appreciate any comments, ok?


Jingo said...

It does seem strange that you don't get many comments, considering the quality of your posts and the efforts you put in.

I've realised over the months that blogging is not about the quality of writing; you could be writing at Nobel literature level but it means nothing if you don't network.

It's all about networking... Which is why I suggest you make a links sidebar. Links give people an incentive to comment and provide a sense of loyalty, so they come back for more!

And another suggestion: perhaps rebranding is in order? A new design shows people you're not the average blogger. A few buttons and images here and there to brighten up the place... It's all about presentation.

Don't give up! I still find your writing fascinating!

Miao said...

Jingo will make a very good promoter because he knows just how to gain publicity. ;) And anyway, don't feel deflated that you don't seem to be getting as many readers as other people - at least you still have a small, intimate group of audience like us! That's something to rejoice over too, because there are bloggers out there who have neither popularity nor loyalty - they should be the ones crying in darkness while a cello weeps in the background...

The Usual Stuff said...

jingo: oh, my dear, thanks a lot for your comments. I'll do my best to try out what you recommended, although I define myself as a muggle who only knows the basics on this strange technological devices. I also promise I'll find a way to link everybody to your blog, which I find so refreshing and nice.

The Usual Stuff said...

miao: thanks a lot, my dear, for your nice comment, which I found witty and amusing, as always. It's true that I've found this wonderful group of special individuals, such as yourself, despite the fact we're so many miles away. Thanks again!

Jingo said...

Sure I know how to gain publicity, but I'm too lazy/busy to carry it out!

The Usual Stuff said...

lol. Maybe you should consider a career on it when you become a little older.
I followed your advice. Hope you like it.

Y sin embargo... said...

Si por mi fuera escribiria siempre, pero sinceramente, se me hace muy cuesta arriba leer un texto en ingles... porque de la misa me entero la mitad! Pero que sepas que por aqui estoy! :)