Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 51: Some changes in the Usual Stuff

Ok, here we are, following some faithful, friendly, kind and adorable friends' recommendations and trying to give this not so old blog a new face (like botox, but with less pain). Thanks, Jingo, thanks Miao, for your nice comments. You really touched my heart.

I finally discovered how to place a picture related to the blog. Hope you like it. Do you happen to know who he is? He's Gromit, from the Aardvark's Animation "Wallace and Gromit" series. I decided to use him (without violating any copyrights, I hope) because I think he's just like me: usual, regular, not precisely a star, but special in his own particular way.

So here we are back to the usual routine. As expected, we left work at 11:45 last night, helping the boss to prepare a presentation for some customers. As usual, no overtime will be paid, although my boss was kind enough to buy us dinner. A couple of delicious "shepherd style" tacos was not precisely a great reward, but at least we didn't leave with an empty stomach.

I was forgetting to mention that the other boss, M. (like the one from the MI6, ja,ja), which happens to be a woman, was nice enough to get to the office last monday carrying an enormous plastic bag full with chocolate Easter eggs, and gave one to each. Giving chocolates away on special ocasions is a tradition yours truly brought to this company. I'm ashamed to confess I haven't continued it personally, but I'm also glad that at least my boss M. has gotten into the spirit.

I hope everybody was lucky enough to get at least one Easter trait. And if you were wondering where such common things as Easter eggs come from, I leave you with this:

Something to think about, ain't it?


Miao said...

Hmm. Am I thinking too much or is that photo meant to be suggestive? Cross-species mating seems to be really fashionable now.

The Usual Stuff said...

Well, it was supossed to explain scientifically the origin of easter eggs. Any other interpretation is the observer's solely responsibility. On the other hand, the shares on Ligers are on the raise, if you may be interested.

SPHINX said...

You have an interesting blog here. You caught my attention with what you wrote in Miao's blog..."a teacher once told me the true path is that which you are willing to do even without payment. And guess what? I became an English Teacher, and I love it!" Very cool. You gave me insight into something that's been on my mind. Thank you.
PS...other than working with the dying, an english teacher is the only thing that deeply appeals to me as something i would really enjoy doing with my life and I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences sometime.
Peace :)

Y sin embargo... said...

Me gusta el perrito: es curioso e inquieto a la vez! en cuanto a lo de la foto... la revelión de las especies!! jaja!

Jingo said...

Do you get paid extra for working that late? 'cos 11.45 is ridiculous!

The Usual Stuff said...

sphinx: Thank you A LOT for your comment. That was really flattering. I'll try to provide you with an insight. It is certainly most rewarding, since you get to see your studentes moving into success, and I have a couple of funny anecdotes, if you really want to hear them.

y sin embargo: ¡gracias! Ojalá Wallace & Grommit sean igual de populares allá que aquí.
¿No tienen gatos que monten perros o algo así allá? ja, ja.

jingo: as unbelievable as it is, NO, WE DON'T GET PAID OVERTIME.
XIX century policies are still on in Mexico. How much do you get in Britain? Do you know about any available post for a foreigner? PLEASE HELP!! =0