Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 34: Things to be happy about

February seems to bring good things with its winds. Some things that are making me happy after the awful end of the Christmas season.

1. HOUSE: Finally Universal Channel for Cable in Mexico has announced the release of the third season of 'House'. I've been in love with this guy since the first episode I saw, right in the middle of season 2. I can hardly wait to laugh with his acid remarks and suffer with his new problems.

2. LONG WEEKEND: Next Monday we're taking a long weekend due to the anniversary of the Mexican Constitution. Very welcome because of...

3. VACATIONS: Taking advantage of the long weekend, I scheduled my 5 days of vacation to run from Feb. 6th to Feb 12th, thus taking 10 days off. For goodness' sake I need this break.

4. MOVIES: I'm not a crazy moviegoer, but it's been a while since the last time. My hubby and I are already scheduling 'The Perfume' and 'Hollywoodland' with my dear, handsome, Ben Affleck. He might not be the best actor ever, but I do like his tender puppy eyes. (jajajaja)

5. TAMALES: Today it is Candlemas Day in México, or 'Día de la Candelaria' (DEE-ah -deh- lah- kan-deh-LAH-ree-ah), so we're having tamales for breakfast at the office this morning, for free. Well, free for my co-workers, 'cause I got 'el mono' last January the 6th, and I had to invite part of the tamales, but anyway is good to get away from routine once in a while.

So I hope the wind season brings some positive things to everybody as well.


Miao said...

Do not watch 'Hollywoodland'. It was an utter disappointment. And Ben Affleck wasn't charming in it at all. I recommend 'Babel'. Poetic, poignant, powerful, potent.

And do not watch 'The Illusionist' too, if you are even planning to in the first place. It is rubbish.

Jingoistic said...

Aren't you glad you borrowed Hugh Laurie from us? The guy is a total legend, I suggest you watch his Blackadder Series.

Yeah I worship House. Wanna be just like him if I even do Medicine!

Y sin embargo... said...

Espero que tus dias de vacaciones estén siendo productivos... y si no lo son, qué más da, para eso están las vacaciones!! Por allí también se siguen las 'pillerias' del doctor Gregory House? por España es ya un ídolo, incluso los políticos lo nombran!

the usual stuff said...

Miao, I'm sorry to say I've just seen Hollywoodland and I liked it. Bob Hoskins stole the whole movie.

Jingo, I love you more and more each time. Wasn't his speech at the Guild Awards just Glorious?

Y sin embargo, mil gracias por el comentario. Por eso no había respondido, porque me la he pasado echadita en la camita. House es la neta!!

Miao said...

Miao, I'm sorry to say I've just seen Hollywoodland and I liked it. Bob Hoskins stole the whole movie.

Well, to each his own. :D

the usual stuff said...

Miao, I didn't see 'The Ilusionist' for the same reason. I saw 'The Prestige', though, and I got blue. I wanted Hugh Jackman to... Well, I won't spoil it here, but it was gloriously tragic. I'm gonna buy it as soon as it is released!