Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 39: Addictions

Sadly, my post on Danny Phantom didn’t turn out to be as interesting as I thought it would be. Pity. But I got me into thinking about why I let myself become hooked on things. My own answer was ADDICTIONS!

Everybody has an addiction. Some people (like me) are addicted to tobacco. That’s pretty common. Others (unlike me) are addicted to booze or drugs. That’s kind of common as well. But I have also discovered some people (like me again) are addicted to other totally different things. Some of my uncommon addictions include:

1. Books: My day is not complete at all if I don’t get to read at least 3 pages from a new book, especially before I go to bed. You can imagine the tantrums I throw every time I finish a book without having a new one right at hand. Going to Book Fairs without money represents one of the finest forms of torture I may suffer, given the fact I hate to look without getting. Life without books (whatever form of literature you choose) would be like hell to me.

2. Tobacco: I know this one is already killing me, but the more people insist I quit, the more I fix the cigarette to my mouth. Funny thing is my husband doesn’t smoke, but he’s never said a word about it. Probably that’s why I smoke less around him: ‘cause he’s shown a lot of respect on my habits, so I tend to respect his breathing space.

3. Adrenaline: Who needs drugs to get high when you can experience the delight of flirting with death? By this I don’t mean going into suicide, but taking into extreme sports. Abseiling, rafting, climbing, delta-flying (sorry for my lack of vocabulary) can give you all the emotions you may need to recharge your batteries. On the other hand, once you have managed to accomplish something difficult and survive the experience,you are to gain tons of self-confidence, believe me.

4. Strong emotions: Again, why taking drugs when you can let yourself go with a good movie or cartoon? Sadness, anger, anguish, happiness, excitement, all of them are just a good movie/cartoon away. And that’s why I never watch videos at home. I get so deep into things that I start making funny faces, or frowning, or crying, and people start staring at me and jiggling. It’s a lot easier at the movies, where the dark conceals my gestures, and I don’t feel that ridiculous.

5. Learning: There’s nothing more challenging and exciting than using my brain to learn something new. Whether it is Japanese culture, technical vocabulary, movie-industry know-how... you name it. The idea is to put my brains up to something new that is not easy.

6. Food: This is another killer, and that’s why I just went on a diet. (I’m fulfilling my new year’s resolutions). It’s extremely difficult to control what you eat when the experience of new, undiscovered flavors reaches your tongue. I bet only sex is more pleasant than the explosion of different tastes in your mouth. Sushi, Italian food, desserts, Chinese food, Mexican food... there’s no ending to the pleasures of the table (except the grave, maybe).

OK. In conclusion, I would say this would sufficiently explain why I became madly fascinated with the young half ghost. Emotions really took the best of my rationality. And I loved it!


Miao said...

Like you, I am addicted to books, adrenaline, strong emotions, learning (when I hate learning for the sake of taking exams - it kills all my passion) and food too. Seems like we do have quite a lot in common!

Do try to quit smoking too. Does you much more harm than good. :)

the usual stuff said...

Miao: Indeed we have many things in common! I also agree that learning for the sake of passing kills the emotion. On the other hand, I'm trying to quit, but slowly makes it easy.
What about the Simpson's DVDs I mentioned before?

Miao said...

I haven't started looking for them yet - I'm so busy nowadays! Will try looking for them when I have the time. :) Thanks!

Miao said...

And I meant 'but* I hate learning...' Don't know why I typed 'when' instead.

Jingoistic said...

I can eat just about anything I want. Thank god for my youthful metabolism!

the usual stuff said...

Miao: If you don't happen to find them, we might arrange to get them sent to you.

Jingo: If there's something that kills me is watching these real slim guys eating tons of food without gaining a single grame. How the h**l do you do that?!

Axel said...

You could learn how to eliminate fat with nano-technology. But for me that would take a lifetime, and I would miss out on everything but this holy process of learning. Addictions are stress-reactions. LIFE IS STRESSING US. Emotions are addicting and by the way, soccer is addicting too, the sport is pure art and in Denmark lots of men are totally into soccer.
In my former hometown there was a team for women too, but now they have all moved away, and it is fucking annoying to see the same guys every fucking week even though playing is pure pleasure. It is an on/off addiction like reading blogs.

Jingoistic said...

I used to be quite chubby. A year later, I looked in the mirror and I was thin and lanky... Dunno how I did it ;D

I've stopped reading lately because of my exam commitments, it pains me to see so many books unread...

Miao said...

My metabolism rate is abnormally high too - I can stuff myself with food without gaining much weight. You probably won't believe me but I really desperately want to gain weight, because I think I look like an unhealthy anorexic teenager. It is tough buying pants/skirts too - they are all too loose for me. :(

the usual stuff said...

axel: you've got the only addiction that I loathe. Since soccer is like a fanatic religion in my country... I'll seriously consider the nano options.

Jingo: If you don't wanna read those books, you could mail them to me. I would make good use of them. jajaja. No, seriously, good luck for your exams.

Miao: (sigh) No one's happy with what they've got. I wear loose clothes to hide my overweight.
Skinny ladies are the trend, tough.