Friday, February 09, 2007

Day 35: How stupid can it get?

OK, here I am, about to return to my creepy office work after some wonderful, blissful and lazy days, during which I went totally blank and served my poor brain some 8 to 12 hours of TV a day. (So long for a person who doesn't like TV, eh?)

Unfortunately, right as I foresaw, someone from the office had to ruin it, adding it up to my own stupidity for answering the phone.

But let's get down to this in order, right? 'Cause I'm quite sure this has happened to every single person on the planet: facing complete and absolute stupidity, which leaves you wondering how these morons have made it to survive to be thirty.

Case no. 1 is plain and simple. Remember this lady I mentioned before? The one who trusts boss's criteria? Regretfuly, she was assigned to cover my post while I was out. (And I bet you can see it coming...) Well, here I am, enjoying my glorious and well deserved break from the office chaos, when my cell phone rings. Stupidly, I must confess, I took the call, just to find myself answering her the stupidest question about the simple location of a simple document. I mean, how come she is able to rumage through my desk in front of my nose while I'm there and she wasn't able to look for it when I wasn't? I was already boiling by then, but the top of it came when, with a very friendly, loving and tender tone she uttered the damned words; 'Oh, we miss you so much around here. There are piles of work here!'.

Doooooh? And what the hell do I care?! That's your assignment now, you a*****e!! You must be thinking I'm taking it too personally, but I do think you need to be brain damaged to tell anyone on vacation such a poisonus, putrid and mean thing! (Of course, the second option is that she is just a... bad... mean... awful... Well, you know what I mean).

Case no. 2 can only be found in Mexico, where regulations are beautiful books destined to collect dust through decades without any conection to reality. And by this I mean the Neighboring Regulation. How stupid, stubborn and maleficent do neighbors need to be in order to slam the w.c. seat cover at 2 in the morning, knowing that the sound is going to spread all over the damn building and that your neighbors downstairs - that's us- wake up at 4 a.m. every day to get to work? And that's just an isolated example. I could write kilometers on these guys' wrongdoings, not to mention the rest of the tennants, specially those with kids.

Case no. 3 is universal, and I mention it because this one hit the news just yesterday. Can you explain to me what parents in the right minds would give a 'Magic Oven' to a 3-year-old child to let her sustain 2nd. degree burns on her fingers? Aaaahhh!! But it was the producers fault, wasn't it? Because they only indicated 'for ages 3 up' on the box, right? Did he forget to stamp the 'Requires Adult Supervision' legend on it? No! It was the stupid parents who forgot to read!! How are they suppossed to be raising a child if they are not even able to pay attention to such tiny details?. It's funny that in some countries you need a license to own a dog, but any idiot can be a parent.

(Sigh) Well, I guess this is the end of my vacation. The only good thing is that I might (please pray to the Powers, my brothers) have a chance to change to a better job soon, where there's no room for this kind of, as we say in Mexico, "burros" (asses=donkeys). No foul language if I can help it, ok? Jajajajajaja.


Miao said...

I am sorry, but I find Case 1 unintentionally rather amusing. Common sense really isn't so common these days, eh?

As for Case 3, yes it is ironic that any idiot can be a parent. If you can't take care of your children or teach them well, then don't give birth to them in the first place. I don't understand why people can't just make the effort to fulfil their responsibilites as parents.

the usual stuff said...

Actually Miao, common sense is the least common of senses.

As for fulfilling responsabilites, well, everyone tends to go down the easy road.

Jingoistic said...

8-12 hours?!? I can barely manage 1!

the usual stuff said...

Well, jingo, considering that in normal circumnstances I barely watch 1, I guess I deserved it a bit. And I didn't have any new book to read as well.