Thursday, January 25, 2007

Day 33: Face or Mask?

I'm really sad because only one of my blog acquaintances shared a happy post with me. Now I'm gonna try a sad post, just to check if it's more popular.

Tons of ink have run discussing human nature, how deffective, treacherus and low it is, and sadly I must say I have found no better. There are exceptions of course, but most of the times I only get to see the worst of how bad we can be, because evil is not only in crime or war, but in the little small devilish things we do to each other day by day. I can live with that, though, since life has not always been kind to me, but what I really can´t stand, what drives me crazy about people is when they pretend to be otherwise, when they actually believe they are the good guys while they're metaphorically executing you.

Just picture this: there's a co-worker, allright?, who is related to one of the company's owners. She believes she's a very nice, good and cooperative person, and that she holds no grudge against anybody. So far so good, right? The scary part began when she casually let slip that she had told 'anecdotically' to her relative that a third co-worker had done some wrong to her, in the belief that the relative would just laugh and let the matter pass due to her nice and wide criterion. I was frozen dead when I heard that. I couldn't help but wonder if this girl was just naive, plainly stupid or machiavelously vicious. Was she really expecting me to buy that idea, or it was another a small part of a bigger plot? The creepy thing is that she seemed absolutely sincere about her statement, as if she believed it was something without any possible consequence for the third co-worker involved.

And that is what makes me sick: if we are gonna be mean, we should at least be honest with ourselves and admit we are mean. I guess that part of the devilry consists in not telling others, to gain their confidence and then destroy them. I'm O.K. with that! But how can someone, anyone, live their lives being so cruel but thinking they're real angels of mercy? How deranged should you be to act like that?

In conclusion, I must say that hypocrisy and lack of honesty really make me mad. If you don't know who you are, then, what do you really know? Do you wear your face, or just a mask?


Miao said...

Sadness has more weight than happiness. That is my take.

Jingoistic said...

you should set that co-worker straight! Did you tell her how you felt?

the usual stuff said...

Thanks for the comment, Miao. Unfortunately, I do believe anyone can make me cry, but it takes a genius to make me laugh.

I didn't tell my co-worker how I felt, dear jingo, 'cause I knew she wouldn't've taken it right. Just to protect my possition, I chickened out and said nothing. She might've accused me.