Monday, January 22, 2007

Day 32: To be happy when there are no Holidays

I just read a question from one of the visitors (Thanks a lot, pal!!), asking about favorite toys. I think that now we have no holidays to celebrate (until Candlemas in Mexico, at least), talking about toys is a good topic to keep the spirits high.

Actually, I must confess I have no favorite toy. If I was told I had to select one to save from a fire or so, I would cry, because all of them have become like my little children (agh, that sounds terrible) to me, but I would select in this order:

1. My little pink pony: he was the one I started my collection with, and he belongs to the first generation, when they used to be less stylized. I've kept him for more than 12 years, so he would be the first one to save.

2. "The Fabulous Fred": probably you don't remember this one. It's sort of the grandfather of portable electronic toys, and I spent half of my life trying to get it from Santa or the Wise King. At last, I ended up buying it myself. I'm pretty good at the memory game, and my best friend was such a good sport to play along with me. Oh, those are good memories.

3. Lion Pillow: I bought this one last year. It's a pillow designed for kids, in the shape of a lion, mane, tail and all. It's absolutely adorable, and pretty comfortable to watch TV with.

4. "The Crow" Movie Maniacs Collection action figure: probably this guy would have to share the first place as well, since I'm a hardcore fan, but he got down here, anyway. Highly collectible.

5. "Destreza" from Lodela: I don't remember the name in English right away, but you all know it: this mechanic board on which you have to place the pieces in order before it "jumps" throwing them around. Noisy, messy and challenging. The dream of any child. On the other hand, I still keep the Original (the Original!) intact.

6. My stuffed pony: originally, I bought it because it resembles Spirit, from the movie. It's a giant (around 3 feet long) stuffed horse, with Spirits marks on it. Absolutely lovely!

7. Teacher Barbie: I decided to buy it just because her uniform looked like the one I used to wear in my old good teaching days, not because I precisely like Barbies.

8. Sakura Card Captors Card Set and doll: O.K, I'm cheating here, but since I got the two card sets and the doll almost at the same time, and they are not available in Mexico anymore, I place them among my favorites.

9. "Darkness" Movie Maniacs Collection action figure: he's not a hero, but he looks absolutely cool. And very, very, very hard to find nowadays.

10. Kim Possible dolls (the 7 I own): They were presents from my family who finally understood my obsession with toys. And again, it's impossible to find them now in Mexico.

I do hope you can share your favorites with me, and I wish we all could go out to play together.


Miao said...

My favorite toy is a stuffed toy whale. But then again, I don't have many toys to begin with. I used to have many toys as a child, but as I grew up I threw most of them away. Strangely, I don't regret doing so. I am different from other people in this sense I suppose. People usually want to keep their childhood items so that when they grow up they can look back and reminisce their innocence. For me, things of the past, especially things which I didn't take pride in, like my older writings which I wrote when I was around 14, which I now think are very stupid, I prefer that they vanish entirely and eternally.

I guess most of the time I am running away from my past. Choosing only to keep memories I want to remember.

the usual stuff said...

Thank you very much, miao, for sharing this one with me. I think you should've tried to keep some of your old writings; something you might've been able to rework. On the other hand, I keep my toys to remember how messy I used to be, and mostly because I didn't have many toys.
Finally, I think that choosing what we want and what we don't is part of an effective emotional life.