Monday, November 09, 2009


Some fun things I've learned about men.

1. Men believe that shampoo and toilet paper are a mushroom species which grow in the bathroom.

2. Men are brave for dealing with mice and rats, but they cannot handle a needle.

3. Men find disturbing the fact that a girl places movies such as Spiderman, Akira, X-men, next to "Sleepless in Seatle".

4. Most Mexican male drivers believe driving women are a genetic mistake, like Down Syndrome.

5. Most men are surprised by a woman who loathes "Twilight" movie, book, and the whole concept.

6. Most Mexican men are deeply disturbed by a woman who is able to efficiently change a tire.

7. Most men are shocked by a woman who states maternity is not part of her life plan.

8. Regular men look lost when a woman speaks about Anime.

9. Regular men are shocked a woman has never heard of Colin Tellado but has read all canonical Ian Flemming's 007 books.

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Miao said...

We are all supposedly defined by our stereotypes.