Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Laptop

O.k., I know that for most of you this has been part of your daily life for long, but for me it is pure novelty. I'm writing this from my just recently purchased new laptop!

As obvious as it may seem for younger readers, I'm just thrilled with the discovery of the comfort it represents sitting in the living room, taking even more advantage of my wireless conection, watching the Oscars ceremony enjoying the company of my husband while I work on my student-aimed webpage and avoiding shooing the cat's butt from the keyboard.

Laptops rock!!


Miao said...

I don't have a laptop! I just don't see the need.

But if I get the chance to go overseas on exchange programme, I will definitely get one!

YosoyineS said...

Grrrrr..I totally envy you.

But if you feel happy with it, enjoy it!


The Usual Stuff said...

miao: I totally agree with you on the fact that they are not indispensable, but considering the amount of paper waste, my students' complaints on how much they had to copy and the fact that now I can go to the smokers' section and continue working, it became a must to me! :)

The Usual Stuff said...

inés: I got really lucky and was able to purchase a really cheap one, although Vista is giving me a hell of a headache (there's always a catch, you see?). But I'm pretty sure you'll get one very soon as well.