Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 64: How to waste your time in a waiting lounge.

Whenever we are left to wait in a waiting room, most of us get bored. I have developed a few techniques to keep myself entertained and sometimes, be able to catch the receptionist’s attention.

1. Always carry a book: for me, that’s a must. Whenever I make an appointment, I carry the latest book I’m reading, to avoid getting bored.

2. Carefully read the magazines available: most of the companies keep a big stack of specialized magazines, which at least have interesting pictures. Sometimes, you can even find job offers on them, so read them thoroughly. You never know what you may find.

3. Tear the magazines: ok, this may be regarded as vandalism, but if I find a recipe or an interesting test and the receptionist is not paying attention to me at all, it’s her loss, and I’m gonna get as much advantage as possible of such a waste of my precious time.

4. Play videogames: this is not recommended for job interviews, of course, but if you have the chance to take your portable videogame, you will have a lot of fun. Besides, if you turn the sound on, you will certainly make the receptionist pay attention to your needs.

5. Chat with the receptionist: there’s nothing they hate more than a chatty visitor, especially when they are busy typing or making phone calls. In fact, they will call whoever they need to in order to get rid of you.

6. Talk on your mobile: similar to chatting with her, if you talk loud enough to interfere with the incoming calls, you’ll be sure they’ll do everything in their hands to stop you from interfering with their jobs.

7. Walk around the front desk: this works even more wonderfully than the former. There’s nothing more annoying than a person who is distracting you with the thunderous sound of his footsteps.

So, next time a receptionist doesn’t treat you well, or keeps you waiting for hours, make sure you let them know how valuable your time is. And I’m telling you this ‘cause I’m a receptionist myself!


kyklops said...

Reading material is a definite "must have". In a pinch I will resort to reading the labels on my clothes. Now I know where they all come from and the proper wash/dry/iron instructions! Sometimes you can even pick up some foreign language phrases! Resourcefulness is the key to avoiding boredom!

Y sin embargo... said...

Jaja! muy bueno... deduzco que has tenido que esperar muchas veces, me equivoco?! Yo cuando me canso de ojear, que no leer las revistas, suelo observar y fijarme en todo. En casos extremos... llego a contar hasta baldosas!!!

The Usual Stuff said...

Hey, kyklops, that's a good one, reading the labels! I tend to read any poster they have posted.

The Usual Stuff said...

Cierto, y sin embargo. Yo me pongo a contar las duelas del piso, la gente que entra y sale, los cuadros en la pared... El Conde Contar estarĂ­a feliz en mi lugar.

YosoyineS said...

Hahaha, playing Tetris with your cellphone, must be really annoying. I'll try it next time i'll go to the dentist (hate that recepcionist).

Lots of kisses!