Thursday, July 05, 2007

Day 67: I'm still alive!! (2nd Cry)

I feel like crap whenever I remember I've been neglecting my blogs, and it really pisses me when the work load gets so heavy I can't even think a single creative idea. But enough complaints. That's what "Planeta Quejas" stands for.

Some unusual things I heard about or found out during this long hiatus:

1. A helicopter was stolen in Mexico City.
As amazing as it sounds, two guys rented a helicopter to take some aerial pictures, beat and tied the pilot up and flew away. No one happens to know where the chopper is right now. It vanished!

2. The ass is truly mightier than the proof.
My company has been about to loose a million dollar project just because one woman is sleeping with one of the fat cats. Despite the huge amounts of evidence provided by my company to proof this woman's incompetence, we almost lost the project! Thank God, the Big Boss heard about this and pronounced on our favor.

3. The naked guys on Reforma Av. are becoming a major tourist attraction in Mexico City.
The "400 pueblos" (synonym of tribe) continue their demonstrations wearing nothing but their long hairs (ejem) next to the Independence Monument. Hundreds of foreign tourists didn't miss the opportunity to video the naked mass. (Personally, I think human body is something beautiful... when it's in good shape!)

4. Intelipet makes your pet more intelligent.
Dog food brand 'Intelipet' claims their products can make your dog more intelligent. Rumor has they don't make cat food 'cause they would end conquering the world.

And so far these are the news for the week. And I'm still here!!


Amor said...

¿y algún alimento para hacer a la gente más pacífica, que eso sí molaría?
un beso

The Usual Stuff said...

Se ha dicho que comer regularmate grandes cantidades de chocolate produce en el corto plazo una sensación de placer semejante a la del enamoramiento, y que éste es lo más cercano que se puede estar naturalmente a estar drogado. Mucho amor para amor.