Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 58: A special weekend

These was a happy weekend, full of events, ‘cause I was finally able to accomplish three things I had been looking forward to doing for a long time.

1. WII: Finally, at last, after such a long wait, I was able to purchase my Wii console. It didn’t come cheap, tough, since I had to buy it at “Liverpool” department store, but I was lucky enough to find a sale with 18 months installments, interest free. WEEEEEEE!!.

2. Bowling set:
I also purchased my first (and hopefully not the last) bowling set, with ball, shoes, bag and wristband. This was possible ‘cause both my bosses are pro bowlers, and when they learned about my interest on this sport, they helped me by paying the equipment with their supplier and discounting it from my paycheck in 10 comfortable installments. Al last I’m getting something good out of my company!

3. Toca Mascota:
I was able to sneak my way into “Toca-mascota” (“Touch-a-pet”). This is a facility sponsored by “Mascota” pet shop, where kids can go and lay their hands on different animals. My 6-year-old niece renewed her membership and suddenly decided she wanted to share her obsession with pets with her favorite auntie (the only one that goes along with that), and invited me in, which was very fortunate, since adults are not allowed in there without a kid (=P). So I had the chance to hold different animals in my hands: a ferret, a python boa, a parrot, a tortoise and a chinchilla, which happens to have the softest fur I have ever touched, and get a kiss from the ferret and the snake, but I'll talk about that later.

And at last, I'm able to say at least one good thing about my job, since the rest remains as crappy as usual. Thank God, next weekend I'll be able to go bowling, and the poor pins will have to pay for it. Muahjahjahjah!


YosoyineS said...

Hey, I'm glad you've got your WII!! I'm so happy with my playstation 2 (that i bought on my 20th birthday) haha.

I don't go bowling much, 'cause it's easy to me to get bored bowling (i start drinking beer too early in the game, that in the end of the game i don't throw any pins haha).

See ya!!

The Usual Stuff said...

Well, some time ago I wanted the playstation as well, but I went for the Wii 'cause it's a little less passive.
Good think I don't drink then. I'll be able to get a higher score. Secret is to go with a few people only, to get turns faster.
Hope one day we can go together!